NONOTAK STUDIO will exhibit at the Mondial du Tatouage for an out of this world collaboration. During the three days of the convention, the ceiling of the Grande Halle will be draped in a luminous veil, made of 1000 led light tubes, sublimating the lines of the Eiffel building. The luminous veil, risen above the public, will transform the perception of the space by “activation cycles” which blend light, music and image. Once entering the Grande Halle de la Villette, the public will thus be immersed in the living work of art, created by Takami Nakamoto and Noemie Schipfer. The highlight of the experience will be in the performance of REFLECTIONS, Takami Nakamoto’s music project accompanied by Sebastien Benoit on Saturday night. The duo will bring the installation into its stage show for full interaction with the Halle. An immersive experience not too be missed in any pretext.


This independent publisher of art books, silk-screen printings and high-end prints stems from the Kintaro kite project. The project gathers 40 renowned tattoo artists who produced work on traditional Japanese kites. These works will fly over the public in the event’s next edition.


Painted by eight artists of the Mondial du Tatouage, the Fender guitars are back for a third year in a row. A guitar was sent across the globe to these artists, to produce a unique work of art. They are then brought back to the Fender atelier for final touches, and showcased at the Grande Halle de La Villette.